(c. 730—760) archbishop of Canterbury

'Cuthbert' can also refer to...

Augustus John Cuthbert Hare (1834—1903) author

Betty Cuthbert (b. 1938)

Cuthbert Baillie (c. 1480—1513) administrator

Cuthbert Brodrick (1821—1905) architect

Cuthbert Burbage (1565—1636) theatre investor and entrepreneur

Cuthbert Clarke (1729—1790) writer and lecturer on natural philosophy and agriculture

Cuthbert Collingwood (1826—1908) naturalist

Cuthbert Collingwood Tinling (1910—1990) fashion designer

Cuthbert Constable (c. 1680—1747) antiquary

Cuthbert Eden Heath (1859—1939) underwriter and insurance broker

Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh (1837—1925)

Cuthbert Gordon (1730—1810) industrial chemist

Cuthbert Hamilton Turner (1860—1930) ecclesiastical historian and New Testament scholar

Cuthbert James McCall Alport (1912—1998) politician

Cuthbert Julian Orde (1888—1968) painter

Cuthbert Killick Norman Bardsley (1907—1991) bishop of Coventry

Cuthbert Mayne (c. 1543—1577) Roman Catholic priest and martyr

Cuthbert Parkinson (1668—1728) Franciscan friar

Cuthbert Scott (c. 1525—1564) bishop of Chester

Cuthbert Shaw (1739—1771) poet

Cuthbert Shields (1840—1908) historian and eccentric

Cuthbert Sydenham (1623—1654) Independent minister and political writer

Cuthbert Tunstall (1474—1559) bishop of Durham and diplomat

Cuthbert Vaughan (c. 1519—1563) soldier

(Cuthbert) Wilfrid Francis Noyce (1917—1962) mountaineer and writer

Cuthbert William Johnson (1799—1878) writer on agriculture

Donald Cuthbert Coleman (1920—1995) economic historian

George Cuthbert Mura M'Gonigle (1889—1939) medical officer of health

John Cuthbert Hedley (1837—1915) Roman Catholic bishop of Newport and Benedictine monk


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