'dalton' can also refer to...

Annie Dalton (b. 1948)

B. Dalton

Charles Dalton Clifford Lloyd (1844—1891) magistrate and diplomatist

Dalton Culture

D'Alton McCarthy (1836—1898) lawyer and politician in Canada

Dalton point

Dalton Reed

Dalton Tradition

Dalton Trumbo (1905—1976)


Dalton's atomic theory

Dalton's law

Dalton's law of partial pressures

(Florence) Ruth Dalton (1890—1966) politician and public servant

Hugh Dalton (1887—1962) politician

James Dalton (1695—1730) street robber

John D'Alton (1792—1867) historian

John Dalton (1766—1844) chemist and natural philosopher

John Dalton (c. 1814—1874) Roman Catholic priest and writer

John Dalton (b. 1927)

John Dalton (1726—1811) army officer in the East India Company

John Dalton (1709—1763) poet and Church of England clergyman

John Neale Dalton (1839—1931) Church of England clergyman and royal tutor

Karen Dalton (b. 1937)

Katharina Dorothea Dalton (1916—2004) chiropodist and physician

Kathy Dalton

Lacy J. Dalton (b. 1948)

Larry Dalton

Lawrence Dalton (c. 1491—1561) herald


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A unit equal to the mass of the hydrogen atom (1.67 × 10−24 g) and equal to 1.0000 on the atomic mass scale. The unit is named after John Dalton (1766–1844), who developed the atomic theory of matter. Abbreviated Da.

Subjects: Chemistry.

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