William Dance

(1755—1840) pianist and violinist

'William Dance' can also refer to...

Dance, William (1755 - 1840), pianist, violinist

Kimber, William (1872–1961), morris dancer and musician

Dance, William (1755–1840), pianist and violinist

Kimber, William (1872 - 1949), traditional concertina player, morris dancer

Beaumont, Cyril William (1891–1976), dance historian and critic

Wells, William Nathan [Jinky] (1868–1953), morris dancer and musician

Chappell, William Evelyn [Billy] (1907–1994), dancer and theatre designer

Castle, Vernon [real name Vernon William Blyth] (1887–1918), ballroom dancer

39 Dance: Jacques Horish, Bordeaux, to Mr William Dance, at Ann Grove, Near Dublin, 27 February 1757

Bubbles, John William Sublett (1902 - 1986), Dancer, Vaudeville Performer, Stage / Screen Actor, Popular Singer

Lane, William Henry [performing name Juba, Master Juba] (c. 1824–c. 1854), dancer

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Landscapes of the Mind: The Music of John McCabe. Compiled and ed. by George Odam.The Innumerable Dance: The Life and Work of William Alwyn. By Adrian Wright.

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