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Two novel dATP analogs for DNA photoaffinity labeling

Phylogenetic relationships of Salmonella based on DNA sequence comparison of atpD encoding the β subunit of ATP synthase

mAMSA resistant human topoisomerase IIβ mutation G465D has reduced ATP hydrolysis activity

Test of the Potential of a dATP Surrogate for Sequencing Via MALDI-MS

Biochemical Characterization of TT1383 from Thermus thermophilus Identifies a Novel dNTP Triphosphohydrolase Activity Stimulated by dATP and dTTP

Differentiation of Xanthomonas species by PCR-RFLP of rpfB and atpD genes

Recruitment of the ATP-dependent chromatin remodeler dMi-2 to the transcribed region of active heat shock genes

Mutagenic effects of 2‐hydroxy‐dATP on replication in a HeLa extract: induction of substitution and deletion mutations

The nucleolar protein Esf2 interacts directly with the DExD/H box RNA helicase, Dbp8, to stimulate ATP hydrolysis

2-Hydroxy-dATP is incorporated opposite G by Escherichia coli DNA polymerase III resulting in high mutagenicity

Substrate property and incorporation accuracy of various dATP analogs during enzymatic polymerization using thermostable DNA polymerases

Mutations induced by 2-hydroxy-dATP during in vitro replication with a HeLa extract

Structures of HIV-1 RT-RNA/DNA ternary complexes with dATP and nevirapine reveal conformational flexibility of RNA/DNA: insights into requirements for RNase H cleavage

The ATP-mediated formation of the YgjD–YeaZ–YjeE complex is required for the biosynthesis of tRNA t6A in Escherichia coli


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abbr. for deoxyadenosine triphosphate, the common name for 2′‐deoxyadenosine 5′‐triphosphate, 2′‐deoxy‐5′‐adenylyl diphosphate, adenine 2′‐deoxyriboside 5′‐triphosphate.

Subjects: Chemistry.

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