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1 Fomorian king, father of Elatha and grandfather of Bres. Delbáeth (1) is also sometimes the father of Eithne (1), instead of Balor. Elatha mates with Ériu, daughter of Delbáeth (2), to produce Bres.

2 Noble youth of the Tuatha Dé Danann, son of Angus Óg and Eithne (daughter of Balor); he fathered, by Ernmas or Eirnin, the three eponymous goddesses of early Ireland, Ériu, Fódla, and Banba. Ériu mates with Elatha, son of Delbáeth (1), to produce Bres.

3 Munster leader, seventh in line from Ailill Aulomm. After being banished with his five sons, Delbáeth went to the cairn of Fiachu (a common early Irish name) and kindled there a druidical fire from which burst five fiery streams. He directed each of his five sons to a stream, thus explaining the origin of the five instances of the tribal and place-name Delbna.

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