denture cleanser

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A chemical powder, tablet, or liquid used to remove surface deposits and stains from removable dentures. Hard deposits may be removed by an effervescent action. Denture cleaning powders contain an abrasive which can result in excessive abrasion of the resin surfaces. Cleansing chemicals are usually alkaline containing sodium perborate, sodium bicarbonate, or sodium percarbonate. Solutions containing dilute phosphoric, hydrochloric, or acetic acid can damage the metal components of dentures. Household bleaching agents degrade the acrylic resin and can be detrimental to both denture fit and aesthetics. Hypochlorite solutions are effective for acrylic dentures when immersed overnight, but if used with hot water are liable to cause bleaching. Some cleansers utilize the additional action of an ultrasonic cleaning bath. Trade names: Steradent®, Denclen®.

Subjects: Dentistry.

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