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The first book of the Abhidharma Piṭaka of the Pāli Canon, which appears to have been also called Dhammasaṇgaha. Being a compilation from various sources, it deals with more or less the same topics as the Nikāyas.differing only in methods of treatment. The main subject of the book, which analyses and classifies the phenomena (dharma) that comprise all mental and material conditions, is that of ethics. The book enumerates and defines a number of categories of terms occurring in the Nikāyas. The commentary on the Dhammasaṇgaṇī, attributed to Buddhaghoṣa in the 5th century, is known by the title of Atthasālinī. King Vijayabāhu I of Sri Lanka translated the Dhammasaṇgaṇī into Sinhalese, but this translation is now lost.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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