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The Quran and hadith expressly forbid Muslims from consuming carrion, spurting blood, pork, and food that is consecrated to any being other than God. Date wine was repudiated gradually; the strongest condemnation of it was among the last revelations received by Muhammad (632). Ritual slaughter and sacrifice are required for domestic cattle, sheep, goats, and fowl, which must be killed in God's name by making a fatal incision across the throat. The Quran permits fishing and hunting wild animals as long as the creature is lawful; it forbids the consumption of any animal strangled, beaten, or gored to death, or animals that have died by falling. Other dietary rules apply to specific ritual occasions. During Ramadan, Muslims are obliged to abstain completely from food and drink during daylight hours. Pilgrims are prohibited from slaughtering or hunting lawful animals as long as they remain in a sacral state.

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