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(subphylum Atelocerata, class Insecta)

A subclass of small (mostly 6 mm long or smaller), elongate, slender, whitish, blind, entognathous insects. They have long, moniliform antennae, legs that are five-segmented, and abdomens that are ten-segmented and bear rudimentary limbs. There are two main families: the vegetarian Campodeidae, in which the abdomen bears long, moniliform cerci; and the carnivorous Japygidae, in which the cerci are short and forcep-like. Post-embryonic development is epimorphic. The Diplura form a cosmopolitan order of some 659 species, found world-wide, whose members are the most insect-like of the entognathous classes and live in damp soil, under stones or logs.

Subjects: Zoology and Animal Sciences.

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