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A type of chemical reaction in which the same compound is simultaneously reduced and oxidized. For example, copper(I) chloride disproportionates thus:2CuCl → Cu+CuCl2The reaction involves oxidation of one molecule CuI → CuII+eand reduction of the other CuI+e → CuThe reaction of halogens with hydroxide ions is another example of a disproportionation reaction, for example Cl2(g)+2OH(aq) ⇌ Cl(aq)+ClO(aq)+H2O(l)The reverse process is comproportionation.

2CuCl → Cu+CuCl2

CuI → CuII+e

CuI+e → Cu

Cl2(g)+2OH(aq) ⇌ Cl(aq)+ClO(aq)+H2O(l)

Subjects: Chemistry.

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