Djakomba Sends Men from the Sky

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Djakomba (Djakoba, Djabi), the supreme god, reigns in heaven, but no one has seen him. No one knows what he looks like. He speaks through the medium of thunder, and blasts trees and kills men with lightning. Djakomba gives men life and their food; he also sends sickness and death. All people go to Djakomba's place when they die, where they do not have to suffer hardships but are very comfortable and happy, knowing nothing of hunger, thirst, sickness, or death. When a great man dies, one hears distant thunder and the rainbow is seen in the sky.

Djakomba made everything: the first men came down to earth from the sky from him. The first men were Bachwa, who call themselves “the children of Djakomba”; the other people on the earth sprang from them.

Subjects: Religion.

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