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D loop

D loop

D loop


Solar Burst Analysis with 3D Loop Models

Two Polyakov Loop Correlators from D5-Branes at Finite Temperature

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Dynamic Current Injection into Magnetic Loops in Active Regions II. A 3D Magnetodynamic Model for Loop Flares

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One-Loop Renormalization of the 4D Quantum Dilaton Gravity in Spherically Symmetric Background

Mobile D-loops are a preferred substrate for the Bloom's syndrome helicase

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DNA communications by Type III restriction endonucleases—confirmation of 1D translocation over 3D looping

A Phylogeny of Some Taxa of Masked Shrews (Sorex cinereus) Based on Mitochondrial-DNA, D-Loop Sequences

Crystal Structure of 1-Deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate Reductoisomerase Complexed with Cofactors: -Implications of a Flexible Loop Movement upon Substrate Binding

A hominoid-specific nuclear insertion of the mitochondrial D-loop: implications for reconstructing ancestral mitochondrial sequences.

Successful robotic pulmonary vein isolation in adverse anatomy: dextrocardia with situs solitus, D-loop ventricles, and normally related great arteries


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1. a displacement loop formed early in the replication of duplex DNA (either circular or linear) consisting of a single, unreplicated, parental strand on one side, and a double-stranded branch (composed of one parental strand paired with the leading strand, q.v.) on the other side. Because the leading strand displaces the unreplicated parental strand, the replication “bubble” or “eye” is called a displacement or D loop. 2. a region of vertebrate mtDNA that is noncoding but contains promoters and an origin for the replication of mtDNA. Shortly after replication is initiated, a temporary arrest in DNA elongation creates this displacement loop. The D loop is a bubble in which one strand of the control region has been copied and the other displaced. This D loop has been used as a target region for sequence comparisons when erecting phylogenetic trees. See Neandertal.

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