DNA-binding domain

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DNA-binding domain

DNA binding properties of a chemically synthesized DNA binding domain of hRFX1

Building an automated classification of DNA-binding protein domains

Selection of single domain binding proteins by covalent DNA display

Backbone Dynamics of the c-Myb DNA-Binding Domain Complexed with a Specific DNA

Solution structure and DNA-binding properties of the phosphoesterase domain of DNA ligase D

Nuclear protein LEDGF/p75 recognizes supercoiled DNA by a novel DNA-binding domain

Influence of Magnesium Ion on the Binding of p53 DNA-Binding Domain to DNA-Response Elements

DNA-binding domain of GCN4 induces bending of both the ATF/CREB and AP-1 binding sites of DNA

Distinct Z-DNA binding mode of a PKR-like protein kinase containing a Z-DNA binding domain (PKZ)

RAV1, a novel DNA-binding protein, binds to bipartite recognition sequence through two distinct DNA-binding domains uniquely found in higher plants

Structures of apo IRF-3 and IRF-7 DNA binding domains: effect of loop L1 on DNA binding

The highly conserved DNA-binding domains of A-, B- and c-Myb differ with respect to DNA-binding, phosphorylation and redox properties

DNA-binding specificity and dimerization of the DNA-binding domain of the PEND protein in the chloroplast envelope membrane

Novel DNA-binding element within the C-terminal extension of the nuclear receptor DNA-binding domain

Oncogenic point mutations in the Myb DNA-binding domain alter the DNA-binding properties of Myb at a physiological target gene

Arabidopsis thaliana telomeric DNA-binding protein 1 is required for telomere length homeostasis and its Myb-extension domain stabilizes plant telomeric DNA binding

DNA-Binding Property of the Novel DNA-Binding Domain STPR in FMBP-1 of the Silkworm Bombyx mori

Interaction between tetraplex structure of mouse telomeric DNA and telomeric DNA binding domains of mouse telomere binding protein Pot1


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Protein motifs found in DNA-binding proteins that are involved in the DNA binding interaction, usually conferring specificity for a particular nucleotide sequence. Examples are found in transcription factors and include zinc finger proteins, helix–turn–helix proteins, and the leucine zipper proteins.

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