DNA damage checkpoint

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DNA damage checkpoint

DNA damage checkpoint

DNA damage checkpoints in mammals

HERC2-USP20 axis regulates DNA damage checkpoint through Claspin

The role of the DNA damage checkpoint in regulation of translesion DNA synthesis

The human intra-S checkpoint response to UVC-induced DNA damage

A DNA damage-activated checkpoint kinase phosphorylates tau and enhances tau-induced neurodegeneration

BRCA1: cell cycle checkpoint, genetic instability, DNA damage response and cancer evolution

Replication fork stalling by bulky DNA damage: localization at active origins and checkpoint modulation

The molecular basis of ATM-dependent dimerization of the Mdc1 DNA damage checkpoint mediator

Cooperative activation of the ATR checkpoint kinase by TopBP1 and damaged DNA

Pre-activation of the genome integrity checkpoint increases DNA damage tolerance

Modulation of ATR-mediated DNA damage checkpoint response by cryptochrome 1

Checkpoint-dependent phosphorylation of Med1/TRAP220 in response to DNA damage

Isolation and characterization of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe rhp9 gene: a gene required for the DNA damage checkpoint but not the replication checkpoint

The DNA damage checkpoint pathways exert multiple controls on the efficiency and outcome of the repair of a double-stranded DNA gap

Disease severity in a mouse model of ataxia telangiectasia is modulated by the DNA damage checkpoint gene Hus1

Drosophila FMRP participates in the DNA damage response by regulating G2/M cell cycle checkpoint and apoptosis

A role for the arginine methylation of Rad9 in checkpoint control and cellular sensitivity to DNA damage


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A system that checks for regions where DNA has single-stranded or mismatched regions or stalled replication forks. Further progress through mitosis is then halted until the damage is corrected. If it cannot be rectified, the cell is diverted to apoptosis (q.v.). See Chronology, 1989, Hartwell and Weinert; Adriamycin, ATM kinase, RAD.

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