(b. 1968)

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'D.O.C.' can also refer to...


c.o.d. n.

n.o.c.d. phr.

n.q.o.c.d. phr.

To D. O'C. Townley, 25 May 1868

Targeting vertebrate intron-encoded box C/D 2′-O-methylation guide RNAs into the Cajal body

SHIELD MARK BV v JOOST KIST h.o.d.n. MEMEX Case C–283/01

390PA phase I study of durvalumab (D) in combination with olaparib (O) and cediranib (C) in recurrent women’s cancers

Effect of risperidone on high-affinity state of dopamine D2 receptors: a PET study with agonist ligand [11C](R)-2-CH3O-N-n-propylnorapomorphine

Agenesis of posterior part of corpus of callosum, brain's white matter, Tourette's syndrome with touching O.C.D., and pituitary hypogonadism: a multidisciplinary study for diagnosis, treatment adjustment and rehabilitation

O v France, Merits, UN Doc CCPR/C/101/D/1620/2007/Rev.2, IHRL 180 (UNHRC 2011), 23rd March 2011, United Nations Human Rights Committee [UNHRC]

C-terminal domain of archaeal O-phosphoseryl-tRNA kinase displays large-scale motion to bind the 7-bp D-stem of archaeal tRNASec

Marvin R. O'Connell. Critics on Trial: An Introduction to the Catholic Modernist Crisis. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press. 1994. Pp. xiii, 394. $59.95

O'Neill and Quinn v Ireland, Merits, Communication No 1314/2004, UN Doc CCPR/C/87/D/1314/2004, (2007) 14 IHRR 55, IHRL 1574 (UNHRC 2006), 24th July 2006, United Nations Human Rights Committee [UNHRC]

Universite De Paris II Pantheon-Assas, S.C.U.I.O. (Faculté de Droit, 92 rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris (France) – Tél.: (33 1) 44 41 57 00; fax: (33 1) 44 41 57 72)

Ó Colchúin v Ireland, Admissibility, Comm no 1038/2001, UN Doc CCPR/C/77/D/1038/2001, IHRL 1945 (UNHRC 2003), 28th March 2003, United Nations Human Rights Committee [UNHRC]

Matthew D. O'Hara A Flock Divided: Race, Religion, and Politics in Mexico, 1749–1857. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press. 2010. Pp. xi, 316. Cloth $84.95, paper $23.95

Modern Catholic Social Teaching: Commentaries and Interpretations. Edited by Kenneth R. Himes, O.F.M. Associate editors Lisa Sowle Cahill, Charles E. Curran, David Hollenbach, S.J., and Thomas Shannon. Washington, D.C. Georgetown University Press, 2005. 563 pp. $39.95 paper

Re: Hengstler,J.G., Bolm-Auorff,U., Faldum,A., Janssen,K., Reifenrath,M., Gotte,W., Jung,D., Mayer-Popken,O., Fuchs,J., Gebhard,S., Bienfait,H.G., Schlink,K., Dietrich,C., Faust,D., Epe,B. and Oesch,F. Occupational exposure to heavy metals: DNA damage induction and DNA repair inhibition prove co-exposures to cadmium, cobalt and lead as more dangerous than hitherto expected. Carcinogenesis, 2003, 24, 63–73


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B. Tracy Lynne Curry, 10 June 1968, Dallas, Texas, USA. D.O.C. was once one of the world’s most promising rappers, before, shortly after the release of his 1988 debut, his ...

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