James Dodds

(1813—1874) public lecturer and poet

'James Dodds' can also refer to...

James Dodd (1792—1865) bow maker

James Dodds (1812—1885) Free Church of Scotland minister and author

James Solas Dodd (1721—1805) surgeon and actor

James William Dodd (c. 1740—1796) actor

DODDS, James Leishman (1891 - 1972)

DODDS, James Miller (1861 - 1935)

Dodd, James (1792-1865), bow maker

Dodd, James William (c. 1740-1796), actor

DODDS CREWE, James Hugh Hamilton (1880 - 1956)

Edward Dodd i (1705 - 1810) and John Dodd (1752 - 1839) and Thomas Dodd (1764 - 1834) and James Dodd ii (1792 - 1865) and Edward Dodd iii (1792 - 1843)

Dodd, James Solas (1720/1721-1805), surgeon and actor

Dodds, James (1813-1874), public lecturer and poet

Dodd, Sir Edward James (1909-1966), police officer

From the Rev. James William Dodd, Wednesday 31 July 1793

Dodds, James (1812-1885), Free Church of Scotland minister and author

DODD, Edward (James) (1909 - 1966), HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England and Wales, since 1963

DODD, James Munro (1915 - 1986), Professor of Zoology, University College of North Wales, 1968–81, later Emeritus; Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship, 1982–83

DODDS, James Pickering (1913 - 1996), Under-Secretary, Department of Health and Social Security, 1968–73

LAWSON, James Earl (1891 - 1950), PC Canada, 1935; KC, 1931; Barrister; Director of Buscombe and Dodds Limited; Viceroy Manufacturing Co., Ltd; Burry Biscuit Corp. of New Jersey; President and Managing Director, Odeon theatres of Canada Ltd; President, Eagle Lion Films of Canada Ltd; Gaumont Kalee Ltd; Director: Monogram Pictures Ltd; J. Arthur Rank 16 Ltd; National General Insurance Co. Ltd; People’s Credit Jewellers Ltd; Holden Mfg. Co. Ltd

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