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Also Fir Domnann, Fir Dhomhnann, Domnannaig. One of three early invading Celtic peoples of Ireland, along with the Lagin and Galióin, sometimes known collectively as the Laginians. The Domnainn, like their allies, may have been P-Celts from Great Britain; distinction between the three groups is now thought to be the invention of tendentious medieval historians. The Dumnonii of pre-Roman Britain are usually thought to be cognates of the Irish Domnainn. Although they ultimately settled in what is today north-west Co. Mayo, allusions to their name exist in place-names in many parts of Ireland; the Irish name for Malahide Bay, Co. Dublin, Inber Domnann, asserts the insupportable belief that the Domnainn landed there. Several commentators have sought to link these actual people with different pseudo-historical peoples in the Lebor Gabála [Book of Invasions]; those with the Fir Bolg are most supportable.

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