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1 A small flat-bottomed boat originating from the coast of New England, USA. It used to be used widely for line fishing on the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland. One of its great advantages for this purpose was that several could be stacked on board fishing boats one within the other, the collective noun being a nest of dories. Small boats, capable of landing commandos through surf for raids on the French coast and elsewhere during the Second World War (1939–45), were also called dories. After the war the name became associated with a type of hard-chine dinghy with flared sides, suitable for an outboard engine and widely used by yachtsmen and amateur fishermen.

2 A fish, Zeus faber, known as a John Dory. The name comes from the French jaune d'orée, by which name it was known to the French fisherman of the Grand Banks on account of its golden-coloured scales.

See also fisheries.

See also fisheries.

Subjects: Maritime History.

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