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A gene, symbolized by Dt, residing on chromosome 9 of maize, that influences the rate at which a mutates to A. A is on chromosome 3 and the gene controls the ability of the cells of the aleurone (q.v.) layer of the kernel (q.v.) to produce colored pigments. Clones of cells with restored pigment production generate spots on the kernel, as shown in the illustration. Dt was the first genetic element to be called a mutator gene (q.v.). However, it is now clear that it is a transposable element (q.v.) belonging to a different transposon family than Ac or Ds. See Chronology, 1938, Rhoades; Activator-Dissociation system, genetic instability.

Dotted. From General Genetics by A. M. Serb and R. D. Owen. © 1952 by W. BW/BBY Serral Gent, W. H. Freeman and Company. Used with permission.

Subjects: Genetics and Genomics.

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