East China Sea

'East China Sea' can also refer to...

East China Sea

East China Sea

East China Sea Oil Exploitation

East China Sea, battle of

battle of East China Sea

Phylogenetic diversity of Synechococcus strains isolated from the East China Sea and the East Sea

Dynamics of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in the East China Sea

The East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone and International Law

Horizontal distribution and dominant species of heteropods in the East China Sea

Effect of East Asian aerosol enrichment on microbial community composition in the South China Sea

Age and growth of John Dory, Zeus faber (Linnaeus, 1758), in the East China Sea

Seasonal relationships between the copepod community and hydrographic conditions in the southern East China Sea

Determination of 240Pu/239Pu atom ratio in seawaters from the east China sea

The Okinawa Trough Issue in the Continental Shelf Delimitation Disputes within the East China Sea

Aspects of the Maritime Silk Road: From the Persian Gulf to the East China SeaEdited by Ralph Kauz

Bacterial diversity of water and sediment in the Changjiang estuary and coastal area of the East China Sea

Inter-annual comparison of diet and daily ration of larval jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus in the southern East China Sea

The influence of coastal waters on distributions of heterotrophic protists in the northern East China Sea, and the impact of protist grazing on phytoplankton

Biomass distribution and zooplankton composition of the sound-scattering layer in the waters of southern East China Sea

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Northern branch of the China Sea, bordered by Korea and Japan (N), China (W), Taiwan (S) and the Ryukyu Islands (E). Area: c.1,249,160sq km (482,300sq mi).

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