(1823—1902) army officer

'Edward' can also refer to...

A. Edward Newton (1864—1940)

A. Edward Sutherland (1895—1974)

(Albert Edward) Harry Mayer Archibald Primrose (1882—1974) landowner and racehorse breeder

Albert Edward Ingham (1900—1967) mathematician

Albert Edward Jenkins (1895—1953) rugby player

Albert Edward Philip Henry Yorke (1867—1904) politician

(Alexander) Victor Edward Paulet Montagu (1906—1995) politician

Alfred Edward John Rawlinson (1884—1960) bishop of Derby and theologian

Alfred Edward Knight (1898—1974) piano manufacturer

Alfred Edward Matthews (1869—1960) actor

Alfred Edward Taylor (1869—1945) philosopher

Alfred Edward Webb Johnson (1880—1958) surgeon

Allan Edward Levy (1942—2004) barrister

Allen Edward Everitt (1824—1882) artist

Americanization of Edward Bok

Anthony Edward Dyson (1928—2002) literary critic and campaigner for homosexual law reform

Anthony Edward Nolan (1971—1979) inspiration of a medical charity

Archibald James Edward Douglas (1748—1827) litigant and politician

Arthur Edward Ellis (1914—1999) football referee

Arthur Edward Gayer (1801—1877) ecclesiastical commissioner

Arthur Edward Guinness (1840—1915) politician and philanthropist

Arthur Edward Hopcraft (1932—2004) journalist and author

Arthur Edward Murphy (1901—1962)

Arthur Edward Robert Gilligan (1894—1976) cricketer

Arthur Edward Sheldon Seguin (1809—1852) singer

Arthur Edward Waite (1857—1942) mystic and historian of occultism

Auberon Edward William Molyneux Herbert (1838—1906) politician and author

Aubrey Edward Singer (1927—2007) broadcasting executive

Augustus Edward Hough Love (1863—1940) mathematician and geophysicist

Barry Edward O'Meara (c. 1775—1836) surgeon


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