Arthur Edwards

(1673—1743) benefactor

'Arthur Edwards' can also refer to...

Hugh Robert Arthur Edwards (1906—1972) oarsman

(Arthur) Trystan Edwards (1884—1973) architectural critic and town planner

EDWARDS, Arthur John Charles (1883 - 1963)

Edwards, Arthur (d. 1743), benefactor

EDWARDS, Macleod Gamul Arthur (1884 - 1957)

EDWARDS, Arthur Bertie Duncan (1898 - 1990)

EDWARDS, (Arthur) Trystan (1884 - 1973)

Edwards, Hugh Robert Arthur (1906-1972), oarsman

BLACKMORE, Arthur Edwards (born 1854), Painter, decorative designer

Edwards, (Arthur) Trystan (1884-1973), architectural critic and town planner

EDWARDS, Gwilym Arthur (1881 - 1963), Minister Presbyterian Church of Wales (ordained 1909)

DAVEY, Thomas Arthur Edwards (died 1944), Canon Residentiary of Liverpool since 1931

EDWARDS, Arthur Frank George (1920 - 2008), Vice-Chairman, Thames Water Authority, 1973–83

LANGLEY, Arthur Sydney (1881 - 1964), formerly Second Master and Senior Science Master, King Edward’s School, Birmingham; retired, August 1945

EDWARDS, Arthur James Howie (1884 - 1944), Director of the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland since 1938

WATERFIELD, Arthur Charles Mallison (1866 - 1943), late 11th King Edward’s Own Lancers, Indian Army; passed Staff College

EDWARDS, John (Arthur) (1901 - 1983), President, London Rent Assessment Panel, 1968–73 (Vice-President, 1965–68)

IVES, Arthur Glendinning Loveless (1904 - 1991), Secretary, King Edward’s Hospital Fund for London, 1938–60, retired

EDWARDS, Wilbraham Tollemache Arthur (1836 - 1929), President of the Board of Commissioners for the town of Curepîpe, 22 years; Chairman of the Board of the Mauritius Institute, Port Louis; was a sugar planter, and has been connected with promoting and carrying out of all the Sanitary Works in the Colony since 1872; Member of the Legislative Council for Pamplemousses and Savane for 22 years; Member of the Executive Council for 15 years

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