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An extracellular calcium-binding domain in bacteria with a distant relationship to EF-hands

Identification and Characterization of Two Penta-EF-Hand Ca2+-Binding Proteins in Dictyostelium discoideum

Residue–residue interactions regulating the Ca2+-induced EF-hand conformation changes in calmodulin

Expression and characterization of EF-hand I loop mutants of aequorin replaced with other loop sequences of Ca2+-binding proteins: an approach to studying the EF-hand motif of proteins

Cerebral Expression and Serum Detectability of Secretagogin, a Recently Cloned EF-hand Ca2+ -binding Protein

A grafting approach to obtain site‐specific metal‐binding properties of EF‐hand proteins

The divergent domains of the NEFA and nucleobindin proteins are derived from an EF-hand ancestor.

Structure-function analysis of the EF-hand protein centrin-2 for its intracellular localization and nucleotide excision repair

Identification of the Ca2+-Binding Domains in Reticulocalbin, an Endoplasmic Reticulum Resident Ca2+-Binding Protein with Multiple EF-Hand Motifs

Calcium-Induced Exposure of a Hydrophobic Surface of Mouse ALG-2, Which Is a Member of the Penta-EF-Hand Protein Family

Characterization, Evolution and Tissue-specific Expression of AmphiCalbin, a Novel Gene Encoding EF-hand Calcium-binding Protein in Amphioxus Branchiostoma belcheri

The Penta-EF-Hand Protein ALG-2 Interacts with a Region Containing PxY Repeats in Alix/AIP1, Which Is Required for the Subcellular Punctate Distribution of the Amino-Terminal Truncation Form of Alix/AIP1


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A calcium-binding motif that involves a loop of twelve amino acids with α-helices at each end. Members of the family include aequorin, *α-actinin, calbindin, calcineurin, calcyclin, calcyphosin, calmodulin, calpain, diacylglycerol kinase, fimbrin, myosin regulatory light chains, oncomodulin, osteonectin, spectrin, troponin C.

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