Ekottara Āgama

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(Skt.). The ‘Increased by One’ Discourses. One of the major sections of the Sūtra Piṭaka.corresponding to the Aṇguttara Nikāya in the Pāli tradition, and in which the sūtras are arranged in increasing order of their topics from one to eleven. Many of the major Eighteen Schools of Early Buddhism would have had their own versions, although for the most part these have not survived. As well as recent discoveries of small portions of the Sarvāstivāda version in Sanskrit.a complete version exists in Chinese which is thought to be Sarvāstivādin in origin, although this is controversial. There is considerable disparity between the Pāli and the Sarvāstivādin versions, with more than two-thirds of the sūtras found in one but not the other compilation, which suggests that much of this portion of the Sūtra Piṭaka was not formed until a fairly late date.

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