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[OIr. elada, elatha, art, science, acquired skill, craft].

The handsome Fomorian king who came from beneath the sea in a silver ship to mate with Ériu and produce Bres. Unlike most of his ugly people, Elatha was resplendent in shoulder-length golden hair. A brooch of gold adorned his chest, and he wore a cloak of gold with five wheels of gold on the back. He was easily able to seduce Ériu, although she was already married. He told her she would bear a son, gave her a golden ring, instructing her to give it to the boy upon maturity, and then sailed away. The son, Bres, grew up to become king of the Tuatha Dé Danann. When Bres was rejected by the Tuatha Dé Danann, he and his mother sought help from the Fomorian Elatha, thus beginning the conflict that led to the Second Battle of Mag Tuired; see CATH MAIGE TUIRED. As Elatha is the son of Delbáeth, he is sometimes known as Elatha mac Delbaíth.

Subjects: Religion.

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