energy expenditure

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The amount of energy used, for example, in an activity. The most common unit of energy expenditure is the kilocalorie, but in scientific work the joule is preferred. The daily energy expenditure of an individual is dependent on sex, basal metabolic rate, body mass, body composition and activity level. The approximate expenditure of an adult male lying in bed is 1.0 kcal−1h−1kg body mass−1; for slow walking at 25 mm mile−1 (1.6 km), 3.0 kcal−1h−1kg body mass−1; and for fast steady running at 6 mm mile−1, 16.3 kcal−1h−1kg body mass−1. Females have an energy expenditure 10% lower than males doing a comparable activity. See also metabolic equivalent.

Subjects: Sports and Exercise Medicine.

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