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Foster son of Manannán mac Lir and parent of the regional goddesses Áine (1) and Grian of Co. Limerick. In some accounts Eógabal is the grandfather of the goddesses, and Fer Í the father; in others Eógabal is the father and Fer Í a brother. Áine's centre was Cnoc Áine[Knockainy] and Grian's Cnoc Gréine, 7 miles distant. He is also the grandfather (again through Fer Í) or father of the divine druid Fer Fidail. In commenting on the confusion in family lines, T. F. O'Rahilly (1946) speculated that Eógabal should be identified both with Fer Í and Eógan of Munster's Eóganacht. He was slain by Ferches.

Subjects: Religion.

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