(c. 1012—1087) magnate

'Eustace' can also refer to...

Albert Eustace Haydon (1880—1975)

Charles Eustace Harman (1894—1970) judge

Colonel Eustace Graham Keogh (1899—1981)

Eric Eustace Williams (1911—1981) historian and prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago

Errol Eustace Harris (1908)

Eustace (c. 1157—1215) administrator and bishop of Ely

Eustace and Hilda

Eustace Budgell (1686—1737) writer

Eustace Carey (1791—1855) missionary

Eustace Chesser (1902—1973) psychiatrist and social reformer

(Eustace Clare) Grenville Murray (1824—1881) journalist and diplomatist

Eustace de Fauconberg (c. 1170—1228) administrator and bishop of London

Eustace de Vescy (1170—1216) baron

Eustace Diamonds

Eustace Ebenezer Turner (1893—1966) organic chemist

Eustace fitz John (c. 1087—1157) justice and baron

Eustace Folville (c. 1276—1346) gangster and soldier

Eustace Frederick Robb (1899—1985) television producer and landowner

Eustace Hamilton Miles (1868—1948) sportsman, writer, and food reformer

Eustace of Arras (c. 1225—1291)

Eustace Rogers Conder (1820—1892)

Eustace Sutherland Campbell Percy (1887—1958) politician and educationist

Eustace the Monk (c. 1170—1217) Benedictine monk, sea captain, and pirate

Eustace Wentworth Roskill (1911—1996) judge

Eustace White (d. 1591)

James Eustace (1530—1585) nobleman and rebel

John Chetwode Eustace (1761—1815) travel writer and Roman Catholic priest

Prince Eustace (c. 1127—1153) claimant to the English throne

Robert Eustace (1868—1943)


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