(c. 1111—1147) bishop of Norwich

'Everard' can also refer to...

C. Everard Palmer (1930—2001) judoka and sports administrator

David Everard Ford (1797—1875) Congregational minister and composer

Edmund Everard (fl. c. 1663—1701) informer

Edward Cape Everard (c. 1755—1823) dancer and actor

Everard Digby (c. 1557—1605) Church of England clergyman and author

Everard Guilpin (c. 1572—1607) poet and satirist

Everard Jabach (1618—1695)

Everard Maynwaring (c. 1628—1699) physician

Everard of Ypres

Frederick Thomas Everard (1859—1929) shipowner

Fredrick Everard Zeuner (1905—1963)

Harold Everard Monteagle Barlow (1899—1989) electrical engineer

Harry Stirling Crawfurd Everard (1848—1909) writer on golf

James Everard Bellingham

John Everard (c. 1584—1641) preacher and religious controversialist

John Everard (c. 1587—1610) Roman Catholic convert and author

Mathias Everard (1794—1857) army officer

Richard Everard Webster (1842—1915) judge

Robert Everard (fl. c. 1637—1674) religious controversialist

Robert Everard (fl. 1440—1485)

Robert Everard Waterfield (1914—2002) missionary and antiquarian bookseller

Sir Everard Alexander Hambro (1842—1925) merchant banker and philanthropist

Sir Everard Digby (c. 1578—1606) conspirator

Sir Everard Fawkener (1694—1758) merchant and diplomatist

Sir Everard Home (1756—1832) surgeon

Sir Richard Everard (1683—1733) colonial governor

Thomas Everard (1560—1633) Jesuit and translator

William Everard (c. 1597—1656) Digger


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