Ewart Park Phase

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Industrial phase of the British later Bronze Age, named after a hoard of metalwork found at Ewart Park, Northumberland. Dating to 800–700 bc, the Ewart Park Phase succeeds the Wilburton–Wallington Phase and precedes the Llyn Fawr Phase that equates with Hallstatt C. During the Ewart Park Phase lead‐alloyed metal becomes very widespread and scrap hoards and founder's hoards proliferate. Horse harness and vehicle fittings begin to appear. Regional traditions abound, including the Carp's Tongue Complex in southeastern England, the Llantwit–Stogursey Tradition of South Wales, the Broadward Complex of the Welsh Marches, the Heathery Burn Tradition of northern England, the Duddington, Covesea, and Ballimore traditions in Scotland, and the Dowris Phase in Ireland.

Subjects: Archaeology.

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