family proceedings

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All court proceedings under the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court that deal with matters relating to the welfare of children (see welfare principle). Before 1989 the court's powers to make orders concerning children varied, depending on the level of the court and the proceedings involved. The Children Act 1989, together with the Family Proceedings Rules 1991, rationalized the court's powers and created a unified structure of the High Court, county courts, and magistrates' courts. A Family Proceedure Rule Committee was established in 2003 to lay down a single set of procedural rules for all levels of court. The ambit of family proceedings is very wide, including proceedings for divorce, domestic violence, children in care (see care order), adoption, and wardship and applications for a parental order under section 30 of the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act 1990 (see section 30 order).

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