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1 Bard and faithful companion of the legendary Leinster King Labraid Loingsech. Allusions to him are found in other texts, including a 7th-century life of St Patrick. To him are attributed verses on the destruction of Dind Ríg, which are included in the narrative Orgain Denna Ríg [The Destruction of Dind Ríg], in which he is a character. He and harper Craiphtine accompany Labraid Loingsech into exile.

2 A son of Cairbre and chief poet and entertainer of Conchobar mac Nessa.

3 Loyal bard of Cú Roí. When he learned that his master's wife, Bláithíne, had treacherously brought about his death through her lover Cúchulainn, Ferchertne clasped her in a deadly embrace and jumped off a precipice on the Beare peninsula with her in his arms.

Subjects: Religion.

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