Feyzullah Effendi

(d. 1703)

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(d. 1703)

Appointed Şeyhülislam in 1695 by the Ottoman sultan Mustafa II (r. 1695–1703) and soon became the real power behind the throne following the signing of the Treaty of Karlowitz (Karlofça) in 1699. Worked to create a dynasty of leaders within the ulama from among his own family. His policies made him the focus of discontented elements within the empire, including soldiers, ulama, and merchants. These factions joined forces in July 1703, compelling Mustafa II to execute Feyzullah in September in what became known as the Edirne Event (Edirne Vakasyi). The whole affair weakened the power of the imperial household in relationships with the major pashas.

Subjects: Islam.

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