Fiacclach mac Conchinn

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Also Fiacail mac Codhna, Fiachu mac Conga. Fosterfather of Fionn mac Cumhaill, as well as his uncle by marriage, he gave the hero a spear which never missed its mark. He advised Fionn in wooing. Certain that he was a faster runner than his foster-son, Fiacclach challenged him to a foot-race and weighted himself down with a handicap of twelve leaden balls. But as their race progressed, Fiacclach began to drop the balls and Fionn picked them up, reversing the handicap. Even with this switch of the burden, both runners finished at the same time. Fiacclach is the father of Moling Lúath, Fionn's foster-brother.

Subjects: Religion.

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