fine structure constant

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fine structure constant

fine-structure constant

fine-structure constant

fine structure constant

Supernova Cosmology and the Fine Structure Constant

Local and global variations of the fine-structure constant

Subaru Telescope limits on cosmological variations in the fine-structure constant

Non-linear electrodynamics and the variation of the fine structure constant

Revision of VLT/UVES constraints on a varying fine-structure constant

Constraints on the Time Variation of the Fine Structure Constant by the 5-Year WMAP Data

New Method of Searching for Cosmological Time Variation of the Fine-Structure Constant

Impact of instrumental systematic errors on fine-structure constant measurements with quasar spectra

Variation of the fine-structure constant in QSO spectra from coherent dark matter oscillations

Wavelengths of Fe ii lines for studies of time variation of the fine-structure constant

Spatial variation in the fine-structure constant – new results from VLT/UVES

Accurate laboratory wavelengths of some ultraviolet lines of Cr, Zn and Ni relevant to time variations of the fine structure constant

Selection of ThAr lines for wavelength calibration of echelle spectra and implications for variations in the fine-structure constant

Constraint on the time variation of the fine-structure constant with the SDSS-III/BOSS DR12 quasar sample

Relativistic calculations of radiative properties and fine structure constant varying sensitivity coefficients in the astrophysically relevant Zn ii, Si iv and Ti iv ions


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Symbol α. The dimensionless constant, with a value of about 1/137, that characterizes quantum electrodynamics. It is given by α = e2/ħc, where e is the charge on an electron, ħ is the Dirac constant, and c is the speed of light in free space.

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