flanking DNA

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flanking DNA

flanking DNA

flanking marker (DNA)

Structural role of the flanking DNA in mariner transposon excision

A reliable amplification technique for the characterization of genomic DNA sequences flanking insertion sequences

A rapid RT-PCR based method to isolate complementary DNA fragments flanking retrovirus integration sites

Sequence tagged microsatellite profiling (STMP): improved isolation of DNA sequence flanking target SSRs

Induction of transcription within chromosomal DNA loops flanked by MAR elements causes an association of loop DNA with the nuclear matrix

Replicon Rescue: A Novel Strategy to Clone the Genomic DNA Flanking Insertions of Integrating Shuttle Vector DNA

GABI-Kat SimpleSearch: a flanking sequence tag (FST) database for the identification of T-DNA insertion mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana

Two thymidine hydroxylases differentially regulate the formation of glucosylated DNA at regions flanking polymerase II polycistronic transcription units throughout the genome of Trypanosoma brucei

FLAGdb/FST: a database of mapped flanking insertion sites (FSTs) of Arabidopsis thaliana T-DNA transformants

The solution structure of [d(CGC)r(aaa)d(TTTGCG)]2: hybrid junctions flanked by DNA duplexes

A developmentally regulated deletion element with long terminal repeats has cis-acting sequences in the flanking DNA

Formation of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) 1,2-intrastrand cross-links on DNA is flanking-sequence independent

Influence of flanking sequence context on the conformational flexibility of aminofluorene-modified dG adduct in dA mismatch DNA duplexes

Structural polymorphism of intramolecular quadruplex of human telomeric DNA: effect of cations, quadruplex-binding drugs and flanking sequences

Genome structure of Ri plasmid (2). Sequencing analysis of T-DNA and its flanking regions of pRi1724 in Japanese Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Analysis of sequence variation among smeDEF multi drug efflux pump genes and flanking DNA from defined 16S rRNA subgroups of clinical Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolates


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Nucleotide sequences on either side of the region under consideration. For example, the hallmarks of a transposon (q.v.) are (1) it is flanked by inverted repeats at each end, and (2) the inverted repeats are flanked by direct repeats.

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