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Mineral, CaF2; sp. gr. 3.2; hardness 4; cubic; often yellow, green, blue, or purple, but can be colourless, pink, red, or black, and often colour banded; white streak; vitreous lustre; crystals often cubes, but can be octahedra and rhombdodecahedra, and a mixture of forms; cleavage perfect {111}; widely distributed in mineral veins alone or as a gangue mineral with metallic ores, and in association with quartz, barite, calcite, galena, cassiterite, sphalerite, and many other minerals; soluble in sulphuric acid with the evolution of hydrogen sulphide. It is used extensively as a flux in the smelting of iron, in the ceramic industry, and in the chemical industry. The deep-purple, banded variety, Blue John, is used as an ornamental stone.

Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

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