'fluorogenic' can also refer to...


Engineering and characterization of fluorogenic glycine riboswitches

Rapid oligonucleotide-templated fluorogenic tetrazine ligations

Fluorogenic probe triggered by reduction for nucleic acids sensing

Fluorogenic Assay for Molecular Typing of the Leishmania donovani Complex: Taxonomic and Clinical Applications

Design and Synthesis of Sensitive Fluorogenic Substrates Specific for Lys-Gingipain

Pathogen Genotyping in Polyclonal Infections: Application of a Fluorogenic Polymerase–Chain-Reaction Assay in Malaria

Sensitive, nonradioactive assay of phosphorylase kinase through measurement of enhanced phosphorylase activity towards fluorogenic dextrin

Systematic reconstruction of binding and stability landscapes of the fluorogenic aptamer spinach

iSpinach: a fluorogenic RNA aptamer optimized for in vitro applications

Efficient signaling platforms built from a small catalytic DNA and doubly labeled fluorogenic substrates

In-cell optical imaging of exogenous G-quadruplex DNA by fluorogenic ligands

Analysis of Fluorogenic Smith Degradation Products of 7-(1, 3-Disulfonaphtyl)amino-Disaccharides for Linkage Position Analysis of Carbohydrates

Characterization of New Fluorogenic Substrates for the Rapid and Sensitive Assay of Cathepsin E and Cathepsin D

Inspection of the Activator Binding Site for 4-α-Glucanotransferase in Porcine Liver Glycogen Debranching Enzyme with Fluorogenic Dextrins

Active Site Mapping of Amylo-α-1,6-glucosidase in Porcine Liver Glycogen Debranching Enzyme Using Fluorogenic 6-O-α-Glucosyl-maltooligosaccharides

4-Methylumbelliferyl glycosides of N-acetyl 4-thiochito-oligosaccharides as fluorogenic substrates for chitodextrinase from Vibrio furnissii

Imaging with the fluorogenic dye Basic Fuchsin reveals subcellular patterning and ecotype variation of lignification in Brachypodium distachyon

Direct detection in clinical samples of multiple gene mutations causing resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to isoniazid and rifampicin using fluorogenic probes


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1 producing fluorescence.

2 of or pertaining to a fluorogen; e.g. a fluorogenic substrate is a nonfluorescent material that can be acted on by an enzyme to produce a fluorescent substance.


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