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Flying bishop an informal term in the Anglican Church in the UK for a bishop opposed to the ordination of women priests, who is authorized to act as bishop to clergy outside his own diocese, should they be similarly opposed, and their own bishop willing to ordain women.

Flying Dutchman a legendary spectral ship supposedly seen in the region of the Cape of Good Hope and presaging disaster; the name is also used for the captain of this ship, said to have been condemned to sail the seas for ever.

flying saucer a disc-shaped flying craft supposedly piloted by aliens, a UFO; the term is recorded from the late 1940s.

Flying Scotsman an LNER steam locomotive of Sir Nigel Gresley's A3 Pacific design, once used as the daily express train between London (King's Cross) and Edinburgh, and now preserved.

flying squad a division of a police force or other organization which is capable of reaching an incident quickly; the term is recorded from the late 1920s, and the rhyming slang Sweeney Todd from the mid 1930s.

with flying colours with distinction. In former military parlance, flying colours meant having the regimental flag flying as a sign of success or victory; a conquered army usually had to lower (or strike) its colours.

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