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Irish goddess, one of the three divine eponyms of Ireland, along with her sisters Banba and Ériu, and thus one of the poetic names for Ireland; she personifies the power of the land. A member of the immortal Tuatha Dé Danann, she meets the invading, mortal Milesians at Slieve Felim in what is now Co. Limerick and asks that Ireland be named for her; later she is revealed to be married to Mac Cécht, a prominent warrior of the Tuatha Dé. Her mother is Eirnin (sometimes Ernmas). The Highland Scottish place-name Atholl incorporates her name [ScG Ath Fodhla, the next Ireland]. Fódla is the conventional personification of Ireland in the poetry of Tadhg Dall Ó hUiginn (1550–1617). See OLLAM FODLA.

Subjects: Religion.

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