Paul Leicester Ford


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(1865–1902), novelist, scholar, and bibliographer, at the age of 11 precociously began work in his father's library of Americana, which resulted in his many scholarly editions, making available historical materials long unknown. These include The Writings of Thomas Jefferson (10 vols., 1892–94), and The True George Washington (1896), a series of essays presenting the first President's human traits, but not detracting from his greatness. Ford's versatility and energy caused him also to become a novelist, and his best-known works of fiction, The Honorable Peter Stirling (1894) and Janice Meredith (1899), reflect his knowledge of American life and history. While at the height of his activities, he died tragically at the hands of his disinherited brother, Malcolm.

From The Oxford Companion to American Literature in Oxford Reference.

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