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1 (F) The standard monetary unit of various former French colonies and some French dependencies: Benin (Communauté Financière Africaine franc; CFAF), Burkina-Faso (CFAF), Burundi (FBu), Cameroon (CFAF), the Central African Republic (CFAF), Chad (CFAF), Comoros (CF), Congo-Brazzaville (CFAF), the Democratic Republic of Congo (CoF), Côte d'Ivoire, (CFAF), Djibouti (DF), Equatorial Guinea (CFAF), French Polynesia (FPF), Gabon (CFAF), Guinea (GF), Guinea-Bissau (CFAF), Madagascar (FMG), Mali (CFAF), New Caledonia (FPF), Niger (CFAF), Rwanda (RF), Senegal (CFAF), and Togo (CFAF). In all countries it is divided into 100 centimes.

2 (Swiss franc) the standard monetary unit of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, divided into 100 centimes.

3 The former standard monetary unit of France, most French dependencies, Monaco, and (with the peseta) Andorra (French franc); of Belgium ( Belgian franc); and of Luxembourg ( Luxembourg franc). In each case it was subsumed into the euro for all purposes other than cash transactions in January 1999 and abolished in 2002.

Subjects: Financial Institutions and Services.

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