Francis Francis

(1822—1886) writer on angling

'Francis Francis' can also refer to...

Adams, Charles Francis (1835—1915)

Admiral Sir George Francis Hyde (1877—1937)

Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier (1840—1914)

Air Vice-Marshal Francis ‘Frank’ Hubert McNamara (1894—1961)

Air Vice-Marshal Francis Masson Bladin (1898—1978)

Alan Francis Clutton Brock (1904—1976) art critic

Alastair Francis Buchan (1918—1976) writer on strategic and international affairs

Alban Francis (1660—1715) Benedictine monk

Albert Francis Blakeslee (1874—1954)

Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter (1881—1955) naval officer

Allan Francis Smethurst (1927—2000) popular singer and songwriter

Allen Francis Gardiner (c. 1794—1851) naval officer and missionary

Alun Francis (b. 1954)

Ann Francis (1738—1800) classical scholar and poet

Arlene Francis (1908—2001)

(Arthur Francis) Benjamin Guinness (1937—1992) brewing company chairman

Arthur Francis Hamilton Newton (1883—1959) athlete

Arthur Francis Leach (1851—1915) historian of education

Arthur Francis Smullyan (1912—1998)

Baldwin Francis Duppa (1801—1840) educationist

Bernard Francis McGuinness (b. 1927)

(Bertram) Frederick Francis (1919—1998) engineer and businessman

Bourchier Francis Hawksley (1851—1915) lawyer and imperialist

Brian Francis Connolly (1945—1997) rock singer

Brigadier Francis Phillip ‘Ted’ Serong (1915—2002)

Bryan Charles Francis Robertson (1925—2002) art critic and art gallery director

C. W. Francis Everitt

Captain Francis Hixson (1833—1909)

Charles Francis Adams (1807—1886)

Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857—1941) architect and designer


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