John Francis

(1780—1861) sculptor

'John Francis' can also refer to...

Eric John Francis James (1909—1992) headmaster and university administrator

Francis John Anscombe (1918—2001)

(Francis) John Childs Ganzoni (1882—1958) politician

Francis John Clarence Westenra Plantagenet Hastings (1901—1990) artist and politician

Francis John Haverfield (1860—1919) historian and archaeologist

Francis John Henry Jenkinson (1853—1923) librarian and bibliographer

Francis John Hyde Wollaston (1762—1823) natural philosopher

Francis John Jayne (1845—1921) bishop of Chester

Francis John Richards (1901—1965) agriculturist

Francis John Stephens Hopwood (1860—1947) civil servant

Francis John William Thomas Giles (1787—1847) civil engineer

Francis John Worsley Roughton (1899—1972) physiologist

Francis Richard John Sandford (1824—1893) civil servant

John Charles Francis Holland (1897—1956) army and intelligence officer

John F. Francis (1808—1886)

John Francis (1811—1882) publisher

John Francis Archibald Browne (1902—1978) trust administrator

John Francis Ashley Erskine (1895—1953) politician and administrator in India

John Francis Barnett (1837—1916) composer and pianist

John Francis Bentley (1839—1902) architect

John Francis Bray (1809—1897) socialist and writer

John Francis Caradoc (1762—1839) army officer

John Francis Donaldson (1920—2005) judge

John Francis Doyle (1840—1913)

John Francis Maguire (1815—1872) Irish newspaper proprietor and politician

John Francis McCormick (1874—1943)

John Francis Moore (1745—1809) sculptor

John Francis O'Donnell (1837—1874) journalist and poet

John Francis of Islay Campbell (c. 1821—1885) folklorist


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