Richard Francis

(c. 1699—1742) lawyer and legal writer

'Richard Francis' can also refer to...

Francis Richard John Sandford (1824—1893) civil servant

Francis Richard Scobee (1939—1986)

(Granville) Richard Francis Tompkins (1918—1992) businessman

Richard Charles Francis Christian Meade (1795—1879) diplomatist

Richard Francis George Cumberland (1792—1870) army officer

Richard Francis Weymouth (1822—1902) philologist and biblical scholar

Richard Selwyn Francis Schilling (1911—1997) biochemist and occupational physician

Sir Francis Richard Fraser (1885—1964) physician and physiologist

Sir Francis Richard Plunkett (1835—1907) diplomatist

Sir Richard Trevor Langford Francis (1934—1992) broadcasting executive and public servant


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