Furbaide Ferbend

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[Ir., the cut one].

Sometimes called Furbaide the Horned in English texts. Ulster warrior, son of Conchobar mac Nessa, protégé of Cúchulainn, who kills Medb, queen of Connacht, with his sling loaded with hard cheese while she is bathing in Lough Ree in the Shannon, Co. Roscommon; this avenges Medb's murder of Clothra, Medb's sister and Furbaide's mother, at the same place. Furbaide had been cut from his dying mother's womb. He is portrayed with bull horns, as is Feradach Fechtnach; in the Dindshenchas he has three horns. Some commentators assert that the horns echo the ancient Celtic god Cernunnos.

Subjects: Religion.

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