Aulus Gabinius

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Was military tribune under Sulla and later his envoy to Mithradates VI. As tribune of the plebs 67 bc, he passed a law setting up a command with wide powers against the pirates, intended for Pompey. He served under Pompey in the east and was made consul 58 by the three dynasts, with Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus. The consuls supported Clodius Pulcher against Cicero, and Gabinius ultimately received the rich province of Syria as his reward. There he alienated the publicani by largely taking over the tax collection for his own benefit. He restored as king of Egypt Ptolemy XII (‘Piper’) (who reportedly paid him 10,000 talents), left Roman legionaries to support him, and intervened in Judaea. Guilty of contravening several laws, and having made important enemies, he was prosecuted on his return and finally convicted of extortion, even though his enemy Cicero had been forced by Pompey to defend him. He went into exile (54), was recalled by Caesar and fought for him in Illyria.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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