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Historical invaders of Ireland with mythic and legendary associations. Linked to the more prominent Lagin, they settled in north Leinster, especially in what is today counties Wicklow, Kildare, and Cavan, but they ranged as far to the west as Co. Mayo. In the pseudo-history Lebor Gabála [Book of Invasions] the Galióin are a subdivision of the Fir Bolg, under their king Sláinge, who is killed at the great Leinster fortress Dind Ríg (Co. Carlow). In the Táin Bó Cuailnge [Cattle Raid of Cooley] Medb is awestruck by the might of 5,000 assembled Galióin and refuses them as allies, as they would likely gain greater glory. Fearful that as freebooters they might lay waste to her kingdom of Connacht, she is about to have them slaughtered when her husband Ailill objects. Fergus mac Róich counsels that individual Galióin soldiers be scattered among her ranks, which is how they serve in the assault on Ulster.

Subjects: Religion.

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