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(1079–1153) (Tib., sgam-po-pa).

Epithet of the Tibetan teacher Dakpo Lharje Sönam Rinchen (Dvags-po dha-rje bsod-nams rin-chen). The name Gampopa, meaning ‘man of Gampo’, comes from the fact that he spent several years in meditation in the Gamp po region. Born in the district of Nyel in 1079, he initially worked as a skilled physician (lha-rje), and is also known as ‘The Doctor of Takpo’ (Dwags po lha-rje). In 1110, he received the Kagyü lineage from Milarepa. After some years of private practice, he founded Daklha Gampo in 1121 and resided there. He combined together the gradual path of the Kadampa school and the Great Seal (mahāmudrā) instructions of Milarepa, and consequently composed the Jewel Ornament of Liberation. He died in 1153 at the age of 75. Thereafter, his teaching lineage became known as the Dakpo Kagyü. See also Tibet.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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