'garnet' can also refer to...

Frances Garnet Wolseley (1872—1936) gardener and author


Garnet, All Sir

Garnet Clark

Garnet Nelson Jackson (b. 1944)

Garnet Star

Garnet Vere Portus (1883—1954)

Garnet Walch (1843—1913)

Garnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley (1833—1913) army officer

Henry Garnet (1555—1606) Jesuit

Henry Highland Garnet (1815—1882)

Mimms, Garnet, And The Enchanters

Thomas Garnet (c. 1575—1608)


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An important rock-forming mineral group, with the general formula X3Y2Si3O12, where X may be Ca, Mg, Fe2+, or Mn and Y may be Al, Fe3+, or Cr3+; the main minerals are grossular (X = Mg, Y = Al), pyrope (X = Mg, Y = Al), almandine (X = Fe2+, Y = Al), spessartine (X = Mn, Y = Al), andradite (X = Ca, Y = Fe3+), and uvarovite (X = Ca, Y = Cr3+), and there is continuous chemical variation in the group; an unusual variety called hydrogrossular Ca3Al2[SiO4]2[SiO4]1–m(OH)4m has hydroxyl ions in the structure and is found in the rare rock type rodingite; sp. gr. 3.6–4.3; hardness 7.0–7.5; colour very variable depending on its chemical composition, and can vary from shades of deep red-brown to almost black, green, white, yellow, and brown; usually vitreous lustre; crystals cubic, with the most common form being dodecahedra; no cleavage; found in high-grade metamorphic and igneous rocks, in beach sands, and alluvial placers. Transparent pyrope crystals may be used as gemstones, but garnet is more generally used as an abrasive.

Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

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